2020 is finally over and with it, emerged new realities to conduct business. The pandemic has had a long-lasting impact on people’s behaviour in the consumption of services and products. It is therefore prudent to accept the new normal and work around it.
Business ideas that were previously hogging the limelight might not be too successful today, instead, it is advisable to reconsider and rework business ideas post-COVID-19 based on ground realities and changed consumer sentiments.
In the post-COVID-19 environment, we have compiled a list of 10 small business ideas that can be pursued to get success in 2021 and beyond.

1) Delivery services
During the pandemic, most businesses moved on to digital platforms. This has created an enormous demand for delivery services that can deliver the goods or services efficiently at the consumer’s doorstep. There is a growing demand for efficient and well-connected delivery services all around. The surge in the delivery services business is likely to see robust growth in 2021 and well beyond.

2) E-Restaurant
The food business has seen incremental growth for some time and the impact of COVID-19 on the business has been minimal. People have changed their eating habits, so starting an e-restaurant is a great business idea post-pandemic. With the increasing penetration of digital platforms, the on-demand food delivery business has only gained momentum. The concept of ordering a unique food product at home is more preferred today than going out for a meal.
Online delivery of food is a small but effective business idea to understand the pulse of the changed consumer behaviour and flourish in 2021.

3) In-Home care
Busy lifestyles have created the demand for in-home care services for adults, pets, or kids. In-home care is a small business idea, but the growth potential is immense going forward. You can create a website and register yourself with local health services. Any person looking for customized services at home can get in touch with you to avail of the services. However, the people you employ must go through a complete background check before getting enlisted with your company.

4) Fitness app
As COVID-19 disrupted the daily schedule of the people to go out to gyms for exercise, online fitness apps replaced the demand and became extremely popular. With restrictions on gyms, people gradually switched to fitness apps for their exercise/yoga or other regimens. If you are a fitness freak, you can easily start an online fitness business that promises exponential growth in times to come.

5) Online Education
One sector that got seriously impacted due to COVID-19 restrictions in 2020 is the education sector. As education institutions closed their doors, the online education demand witnessed unprecedented growth. According to reports, the increase in downloading of the online education app was whooping 300% during this time. As the online boom in the education sector blunted the negative impact of the pandemic on young minds, it has also created an education business model that has great potential for growth in the foreseeable future. It is one business idea post-COVID-19, that is not only sustainable but will effectively grow in 2021.

6) E-mail Marketing
If you know the skills to entice people to read your business emails, you are starring at a great opportunity to start your email marketing business. A large number of small, mid-sized, and big companies have shifted their focus on email marketing to sell their products online. All you need to do is to demonstrate to companies your skills in getting the potential customer’s attention. The start-up is a small business idea with solid potential to grow in 2021.

7) Online apparel store
Clothes are both a necessity as well as a style statement for all of us. The COVID-19 restrictions created opportunities for individuals to start online apparel stores for different segments. It is a small business idea with limited finance requirements. You can source your goods from multiple places without any warehouse or purchasing requirement. Online platforms can come in handy to market goods and, based on customers’ interest/demand, you get a commission on the sales.

8) Career coaching business
COVID-19 pandemic has severely dented the employment scenario in the country. There are a large number of skilled and unskilled labour out of work these days. If you have a talent of scrolling through a number of employment pages every day and help people find jobs, then it is a perfect opportunity to start a new business. You can assist applicants in honing their skills and get employment. Career coaching is one business idea post-Covid that has huge potential to flourish in 2021.

9) Online grocery store
The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted consumer’s grocery buying habits from offline local Kirana stores to online apps. It is one way to procure goods easily for day-to-day necessities. An online store marketing goods through different digital platforms is a small business idea to explore for individuals that can deliver goods at the consumer’s doorstep. The trend that continued during the COVID-19 crisis is likely to continue in 2021 creating massive business opportunities to benefit from.

10) Virtual Dance classes
People with a passion to dance can start a virtual dance class and teach budding dancers the skills and rhythm to perform. If you have the passion and are a certified performer, you are in for luck as more people will throng to online dance classes post-COVID-19 pandemic. It requires an online channel to stream live performance, but the finance required is still low. It is an excellent business opportunity to explore while teaching others irrespective of distance and place.

These are some of the lucrative small business ideas that can give high returns on your investment in 2021. The above-mentioned ideas are designed to maintain the necessary social distance norms without affecting the business outcome. The ideas put more onus on digital platforms that have seen unprecedented usage during the lockdown and after. As the number of online users increases the business will only grow and thrive in 2021.