Business Loan for Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs are leading from the front when it comes to running successful business ventures around the world. They say that women are born managers and tend to showcase their unique approach to management. At SMEcorner, we are committed to helping the women scale great heights in entrepreneurship. We offer a raft of bespoke benefits to women entrepreneurs and aim to address their financial needs as quickly as possible so that lack of finance doesn’t pose a challenge in their bid to become successful. We want the tribe to grow as entrepreneurs and support them in being financially independent.

Women applying for business loan will get a discount of upto 100 bps on the interest rate from SMEcorner. The whole process of giving loans to women entrepreneurs is based on concrete data and financial health of an enterprise. Hence, SMEcorner is great for women entrepreneurs looking for a business loan. The entire process is reliable, quick and allows personalized loan terms for individual businesses.

Features of Business Loans for Women

SMEcorner is one of the key FinTech business finance provider in India. Since it is a technology-enabled platform, its business loan approval is based on data analytics, instead of any prejudice against any class, or gender of entrepreneurs. Hence, SMEcorner is a great platform for women entrepreneurs who are looking out for a business loan that can change the course of their business.

Eligibility for a Business Loan for Women

The loan for women entrepreneurs can be sought for as little as Rs 50,000 and goes all the way up to Rs. 25 Lakhs. These are collateral-free loans and hence, no security is required to seek loans. SMEcorner decision is based on data analytics instead of biases for any sector or industry. Once the loan is disbursed, the women entrepreneurs will have an ample window of one month to 36 months.

Steps to Apply

An online business loan for women: SMEcorner’s business loan application process is totally online that makes it faster than applying for a loan with a bank. It is also unbiased when it comes to approvals. The online loan approval process also enables us to offer same-day loan approvals.

Business Loan in 24hrs: After you have uploaded the required documents online, we ensure to complete the verification process as soon as possible and disburse the loan funds in your business’s bank account.

Fees and Interest Rates

Flexible interest rates: As we use data analytics for calculating all aspects of a loan offer, our business loans for women come with the best available interest rates for your category. The process works without any human intervention and as a result, it is free from any prejudice.

No Hidden Costs: SMEcorner offers business-friendly finance for women entrepreneurs, which means we have kept the acquisition costs to a bare minimum. Our business loans for women come with a simple processing charge of two to three per cent based on the approved loan

Ample time to repay: Our business loans for women are offered with an extended repayment window of one month to 36 months, adjusted as per the principal amount. There is also a scope to repay the loan early through bi-weekly instalments.

No penalties on early repayment: Taking our business-friendly loan terms a step further, we offer the facility of zero prepayment penalties. It allows you to repay the loan in full, any time after servicing the first EMI. There are no charges, fees or penalty amount for doing so.

Benefits of SMEcorner’s Business Loans for Women

SMEcorner is a leading FinTech company in India, offering loans across India for women entrepreneurs. Here are some of the benefits of our business loans for women.

Collateral-free loans for women entrepreneurs: SMEcorner’s business loans for women do not require any kind of security and thus, give women entrepreneurs a veritable financial vehicle to grow their enterprise.

Process for loan approval is fair: Our loan application, approval and disbursal process is completely fair and based on the applicant’s entrepreneurial skill

Cut down cash-flow risks: SMEcorner business loans also allow women entrepreneurs to cut risk associated with fluctuations in cash-flow. This is true for young SMEs. A business loan injects order to working capital fund as you start to build your client base.

No interference into your business: SMEcorner’s business loans for women help you retain control of your enterprise and keep your valuable assets protected. Our loans are unsecured, so you do not need collateral to apply for one, plus, unlike some invoice financing lenders and banks, we do not interfere in the running of your business at all. So, you are in control of your business, always

Facilitate higher funding: SMEcorner tends to report transactions to credit bureaus. This is likely to help women entrepreneurs create credibility and goodwill for their business among leading investors and lenders. This can open a vast number of opportunities for getting higher funding or commercial partnership opportunities for your budding enterprise.